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High Speed, Medium Volume Shop Floor CNC CMM

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High Speed, Medium Volume Shop Floor CNC CMM Zenith Too and Azimuth Aberlink Series

Zenith too...larger measurements are still affordable.

There are a number of philosophies that Aberlink have adopted since it was founded in 1993 that have revolutionised the way that modern CMMs are now manufactured. Firstly the bridge of the machine is fabricated entirely from aluminium alloy. This has a number of advantages: the cost of machining is significantly lower than for machines made from granite, ceramic or other exotic materials. The aluminium is stress relieved to produce a highly stable structure and, with modern computing power, running a real-time error map to achieve high accuracy is simple.

Also as the machine is made from a single material it will expand and contract uniformly with temperature change and hence Aberlink offer easy-to-use temperature compensation within the user software. If machines were made from different materials, a change in temperature would cause a distortion and hence introduce errors.

All moving parts are light and this, combined with good design, means that the machines have low inertia and therefore optimal acceleration characteristics. Hence the machines are really fast, minimising inspection times.

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